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From: Warren Young (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 21:14:45 EST

Ross Vandegrift wrote:
> 1) The "feed a script to this program" was designed to work with SYSV
> style init scripts and there was fear of vendors starting to design
> programs that only took into account SYSV style of initialization.

BSD got many things right, it's true, but once in a while AT&T did
something right, too.

Let's turn this around: how would _you_ write a mechanism that would
allow an arbitrary package to add itself to a BSDish system's bootup
process without changing existing init scripts? That last condition's
important: programs that change existing scripts tend to be brittle:
they often break the scripts they change. The System V init script
method means you don't have to change existing scripts.

One other condition: you don't have the option of asking the user to
change their own init scripts to start the package. The track to world
domination doesn't allow it.

> of preference; I think it makes more sense to run
> /usr/local/enlightenment/bin/enlightenment than
> /usr/local/bin/enlightenment. This way, I install all of the software I
> compile into /usr/local/$(application name), and copy the shared libs to
> /usr/local/lib. This way, 'ls /usr/local' give a complete view of what I
> have installed, no package manager necessary.

1) Package managers are good. Whether you can get by without them is
not even an issue: people like them, so mainstream distros will offer
them, and therefore we might as well design for systems that use them.

2) The /usr/local/{package} scheme sounds a lot like "c:\Program Files"
to me. Unix's treatment of PATH versus Windows' is one of the many
reasons I prefer Unix. If you wanna turn Unix into Windows, grand, but
don't make me use it.

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