Re: Linux 2.4.0-test1-ac16

Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 20:20:49 EST

On Fri, Jun 16, 2000 at 05:37:57PM -0500, Ed Carp wrote:
> Alan Cox ( writes:
> > Tough. Its up to you to fix the other platforms. Its always worked like this.
> In other words, Alan tells the non-x86 folks that they can (in the words of
> one of my favorite movies) "all line up and kiss his ass!" ROFL!

you'd prefer alan to guess what the correct sparc, mips, ppc, arm,
s/390, m68k, alpha and parisc asm code is? or ship a kernel with a known
security hole? or not ship a kernel at all for weeks until all the port
maintainers have had enough time to submit changes? face it, this is the
only way to work. and you're the only one who has a problem with it.

> Oh, pretty please, DOCUMENT THE ASM CHANGES so we don't have to figure out
> what the hell you did to fix it? I hate to be a pain in the ass and scream
> yet again about kernel docs, but it really needs to be done if people want to
> consider themselves professional programmers working on a system they want to
> be accepted by the mainstream. It also makes porting code to other platforms
> A LOT LESS PAINFUL. See, one of my clients is this really big hardware company
> and I'd really like them to continue down the Linux road, but it's a tough sell
> if the technical gang tells them that VxWorks or PsOS is a lot better because
> they're designed to be relatively easy to port to other platforms.

that's bollocks. who told you to use the latest development kernel? would
you go to VxWorks, demand the latest nightly snapshot of their build and
judge them on that? just because the latest snapshot of linux is available
to you, doesn't mean we recommend it.

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