Bad PPPD behaviour with ADSL

From: David Odin (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 18:06:44 EST

  Hi, and sorry if this is off-topic.

I have an ADSL modem which works almost correctly but I have a big problem.

The connexion doesn't stay up for more than 5 minutes with the current
Jun 17 00:56:40 coruscant pppd[641]: read: Value too large for defined data type(75)
Jun 17 00:56:41 coruscant pppd[641]: Exit.

And that's _very_ annoying.

If it helps, I often have these (harmless?) messages in the logs:
Jun 17 00:56:12 coruscant pptp[640]: Discarding GRE: 1 880B 0 0 20 1

I'm using pppd 2.3.11/kernel 2.3.99-pre6 (same happen with kernel 2.2.16)

      Please help!


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