2.3.99-pre9 ethertap bug (?) and solution (?????)

From: Carlos Ungil Gutierrez-Rave (ungil@sol.unizar.es)
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 14:01:04 EST

Hello, hello.

Trying to compile the ethertap with CONFIG_ETHERTAP_MC enabled (which I was able to do in 2.2.14) in the latest kernel 2.3.99-pre9 I have learned a little about kernel internals.

When CONFIG_ETHERTAP_MC=1, there is an error in line 161 (in function set_multicast_list):

lp->nl->protinfo.af_netlink.groups = groups;

lp->nl is a pointer to a sock structure, af_netlink is a pointer to netlink_opt
(it used to be of type netlink_opt in 2.2.x) so I think the right expression is:

lp->nl->protinfo.af_netlink->groups = groups;

There is still a problem, being the definiton of netlink_opt hidden inside

Moving this definition to include/linux/netlink.h everything compiles and
seems to work (I'm not sure if the ethertap module really works, though. I
can config the device, but I am unable to make it work with the Macintosh
emulator BasiliskII).

Maybe my experience is of interest to kernel developers.
I'm not suscribed so please mail me directly (ungil@sol.unizar.es)
if you have any question or comment.


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