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From: Jacques Richer (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 12:28:02 EST wrote:

> >Speaking of which: There are a few things that I dislike about the
> >coda filesystem. For one, I can only mount ONE. If I use the real
> >"coda" the userspace <-> codafs connection is taken, and I cannot
> >run podfuk.
> Right. However fixing this is likely to be a lot easier than writing userfs.
> [There's one more deficiency: it works on whole files -> it is unusable for cdfs: reading whole track before givng first bytes of .wav to user is bad.

This is still OK for floppies. Here's one approach: Usa a user space driver and the mtools libs. On open() read the file into VM. Pass writes through to
the hardware. On close() kill the cache. If someone pulls the disk while the file is open, and the program tries to write the file, kill the app.

This isn't 100% friendly, but it will work, and once it does work, it's certainly feasible to add notification and other functionality.

I've been looking at the code, and while I'm a comparitive newbie this doesn't look too aweful. There is already software (GPL'd) out there that does some
of this. If this looks workable, I'll try to cruft something together over the weekend. Any volunteers for stupid question answering on the FS code side?

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