Re: Linux 2.4.0-test1-ac16

From: Peter Rival (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 11:28:48 EST

Ed Carp wrote:

> Alan Cox ( writes:
> > > I was able to get ac15 to boot and run fine for about 18hrs crunching rc5 keys on a
> > > DS20. Then I tried to update to ac17 and it won't compile any more. I get the
> > > following error with ac17:
> >
> > All the non x86 platforms got broken by the ptrace change. This fixes an ugly
> > kernel race and needs asm level changes for the other platforms. Painful
> > but important to do.
> An extremely shortsighted thing to do. The x86 platform isn't the only platform
> that runs Linux, and these sorts of changes should be done for ALL platforms
> at once, rather than fixing "ugly" kernel stuff (which should've been fixed
> before anyway) at the expense of non-x86 platforms.
> Then again, since it's Alan's personal release, maybe it doesn't matter, as long
> as it gets fixed for all platforms by the time that 2.4 gets kicked out the
> door.

Don't worry, it's already been fixed for Alpha, and I believe sparc & sparc64 either work
or almost work now as well. What is _really_ annoying is when there are releases put out
where nobody says anything about non-x86 ports being broken until someone complains and
then the reaction is "oh yeah, we knew about that". I'm not complaining, it's just
frustrating when I'm trying to get work done and I have to waste time trying to update to
a release that is known at release time not to work.

Alan - any chance we could get a list of things known to be broken/not to work added to
the 2.4.0test-acXX release announcements? I don't care that things get broken, I'd just
like to not have to find it out if people already know. Or, smack me in the head and tell
me "moron, things are always documented - look here". Either way - I'm not offended... ;)

 - Pete

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