routing problem

From: Carlos Parada (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 08:05:37 EST


I send this e-mail because I'm trying in the last few days implement a
routing configuration with no sucess.

I have a linux machine as a router and I want measure times delay for
some experiences. But to do this, exists one problem, the source and the
destination machine of each pakage must be sinchonyzed in time.
The best solution was put the same machine as a source and destination.
The pakage was sended from an interface and received for one other (this
machine are atached to two differents networks and with connectivity).
My problem is : I can't send pakets from one interface to another (for
its IP address), because linux knows that is your IP address and the
pakets are not outgoing for the network. I've tryed to put in the
routing table that "to go to the IP address of the destination, must go
to the other", but with insucess.
(NOTE: I use mgen [-i] or traceroute [-s or -i] commands to be sure that
the outgoing interface is that I want).

How I can do this??


Carlos Parada.

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