modprobe parport_pc locks computer up in 2.2.16 and 2.2.17-pre1

From: Peter Bornemann (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 08:37:54 EST

I have a problem with kernels 2.2.16 and 2.2.17-pre1. When I try to
print, my system freezes immediately and completely. Not even
Alt-Sysrq does work. Nothing on the screen and nothing in the
logs. Parport, parport_pc and lp are all compiled as modules. The same
configuration works fine with all other kernels so far, also the
pre-2.4.0's. My CPU is an Athlon 700 on an ASUS K7V motherboard.

I can insmod parport without any trouble, but not parport_pc. Insmoding
lp or parport_probe also freezes the system, of course. The only
special and possibly related thing in my configuration is a PCI-card
with a second parallel port on it. Both serial ports are disabled btw.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Peter B

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