mld6, igmpv3: Who's Bug Is It, Anyway?

From: Myrddin Ambrosius (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 08:59:56 EST

   Quick question for anyone familiar with the Linux
IPv6 internals. The IPv6 version of TCPDump complains
that it can't find the mld6 struct, when compiling the
ICMP6 code.
   This leads me to wonder if the problem is in
(ie: mld6 is a BSD-ism) or if the ICMP6 code for Linux
is still missing stuff.
   How feature-complete is the Linux IPv6 stack? And,
if there is stuff that still needs doing there, is
there a TODO list for it anywhere?
   On the IGMPv3 side, I seem to be the only one who
working on a Linux version. (Sprint were rumoured to
but they have not confirmed this.) However, the code
place is very tied to IGMP v's 1-2 and makes
that aren't valid for IGMPv3. There also seems to be
some diffusion of IGMP stuff into other bits of the
IPv4 stack.
   Any tips by kernel hackers, manglers and warblers
how to approach this sort of problem would be very
welcome. In other words, which tends to work better,
for problems like this? A scalpel & microscope, or a
large axe & some gelegnite?

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