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From: Hans Reiser (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 14:43:11 EST

"Theodore Y. Ts'o" wrote:
 (although I wonder how
> much of the code is actually Han's; it seems that he's managed to con a
> bunch of programmers to do his work for him),

This is a remarkable statement, I mean when you dislike someone you get
downright religious about it don't you? Just so that I fully understand you, do
you view workers as victimized exploitees of evil capitalists? Is an architect
who comes up with ideas and algorithms and stares at the wall and systematically
schmoozes with every other member of the team about their aspect of the design,
and then usually asks other team members to do the coding for him, is this a
lazy parasite who doesn't do real work in your view of things? The guy who
works 40 hours a week to earn the money to pay the other programmers, and then
lives like a college student while he works another 15-20 hours a week sending
emails arguing over and directing their algorithms for 6 years before the
project makes a penny on its own, he's a victimizer in your book, yes?

We are all a bunch of basically generous persons squabbling over how best to
give free software to the world and getting a little silly doing it. I can
become an instant millionaire anytime I choose to take one of my standing offers
to abandon reiserfs for a proprietary software company, and I am sure the rest
of you have had similar offers. All of us would be making a lot more money if
we had chosen to do proprietary software. Try not to get so wrapped up in
accusing the other person of paranoiac evilness that you lose your perspective
on that, ok?



FUD list so far:

ReiserFS has serious VFS problems [it had unnecessary checks in it, but it was
said in such a way that we wasted man-weeks reviewing before we could say for
sure that it was not something more serious, the person who said it is unable to
come up with anything more than these (now removed) unnecessary checks to
complain about.]

The disk format will change [Disk format changes will be merged into the
mainstream kernel once per major kernel release. The mainstream version will be
called "reiserfs". Development work tied to disk format changes will be done on
a filesystem called "reiser4" which will be merged into "reiserfs" at the end of
the 18-24 month linux development cycle. New versions will be able to read old
version disk formats using our object oriented format handling code (which is
getting more and more sophisticated and powerful with each version we come out
with.) New versions will not convert old formats unless told to do so by the
user. We are backporting reiserfs 3.6 to linux 2.2 so that even if users do
convert they will be supported. ]

ReiserFS should wait for somebody else to do journaling for it, and only then be
merged in.

Oooh, that evil Reiser, he didn't like our suggestion that he wait for somebody
else we pick to do his journaling for him, he's going to be difficult to work
with and should be kept out of the kernel for that reason. (Actually, it will
be easy to get us to spend a few days to modify our code to use interfaces with
specifications needed by other filesystems if you ask, so long as you don't ask
us to wait for code you haven't written before making use of ours.)

Oooh, that evil Reiser, he suggested that we engage in social exclusion and
factionalization rather than just judging software by its merits, we need to
punish him for saying such nasty things by excluding his software. (The irony
of this seems completely lost on them. Thanks to Colin for doing the complete
devastation of their logic.)

And now the new, Oooh, that evil Reiser, he cons programmers into working for
him so that he can live a 70 hour work week life of leisure. (Yes, now that I
don't have a day job I do work longer hours than ever before, what a fool I

Please avoid adding to this list, because I can ignore this thread in hopes it
will die only if you don't engage in novel FUD. Novel FUD unfortunately isn't

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