Re: kswapd at 96% CPU on my 16Mb system

From: Kees Bakker (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 03:20:49 EST

>>>>> "Rik" == Rik van Riel <> writes:

Rik> On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Kees Bakker wrote:
>> With test1-ac17 I still have very bad performance, because
>> kswapd eats almost all of the CPU cycles. The bare test1 was a
>> little better, but not much.
>> With ALT-scroll-lock I was able to see that it spends most of
>> its time in wake_up and friends.

Rik> In wake_up .. interesting.

>> Is there a way to tune kswapd behaviour on my machine? Or, are
>> there certain things I can try?

Rik> It would be interesting to see some vmstat figures (and
Rik> other stuff) from your machine so we have a feel for
Rik> what's going on...

I'll have to do that tonight. I can do this for 2.4.0-test1 and ac17. But
by then probably the whole evening will be gone, because booting up takes
about 20 minutes for test1 and one hour for ac17.

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