Re: Floppy handling

From: Richard Stallman (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 10:21:52 EST

    This virtual driver would present a number of devices all related to
    one underlying device. The idea is that each device that it presents
    represents a particular diskette which could be in the drive.

This is an interesting idea, especially for floppies since they are
small enough that one can hope to record the contents of many of them
in the system's other memory.

However, there is a danger that users will "write" a file to a
"virtual floppy", then forget to load in the floppy so that it
actually gets updated. That could lead to horrible frustration. I am
not saying that this is a fatal flaw, but it is an issue that needs to
be addressed somehow.

Maybe a system of reminders "There is cached data for floppies FOO and
BAR" could cure this problem.

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