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Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 11:47:46 EST

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> > OOPs generated from the kernel. I hooked up a serial console and it just
> > catches nothing. Magic-Sysrq doesn't work. I tried using Ingo
> Molnar's NMI
> > Oopser and it didn't seem to generate an oops either.
> If even the NMI oopsing tools are not generating anything I'd start to be
> somewhat concerned. An NMI is not ignorable so cannot be blocked out..

Perhaps I did it wrong. I set the IRQ to 1 (Keyboard). The keyboard did not
work when this kernel was in place and it crashed after less than 1 hour. I
went to the machine and pounded on the keyboard, but no oops message. I
might re-try this by hooking IRQ 12 for the PS/2 mouse. At least I could use
the keyboard then....

> Do you do something specific in those time periods such as backups.

There does not seem to be a discernible pattern of times or activities.

> Does it work with "noapic" as a boot option

I have not tried this. On the next crash I will test it.

> Does it work single processor

One machine with a kernel compiled Uni-Processor would still exhibit the
lock-ups with the 2.2.14 series. I have never tried physically removing a
processor to see if the problem went away.

FWIW, I have a 3rd machine that has been running NT 4.0 with the same MOBO
that hasn't crashed in a year.

> What chipset

Intel 440BX

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