Re: ULTRA ATA/100 announced

From: James Sutherland (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 07:12:17 EST

On 7 Jun 2000, Matthias Andree wrote:

> James Sutherland <> writes:
> > A complete motherboard costs less than most SCSI cards, in many cases.
> Stop right there. Get a view of what board and what SCSI card you want,
> refrain from buying Adaptec if that sounds too expensive for you and get
> Symbios or Tekram instead. Then the "mobo cheaper than SCSI host
> adaptor" will not hold. Just to give examples. There are more vendors
> both for the cheap and expensive mother boards and both for the cheap
> and expensive SCSI adaptors.

Even if you find a very cheap SCSI adapter - cheaper than a motherboard -
then you still have one problem: Where does the CPU go? With IDE, the
money bought a motherboard, INCLUDING the adapter. With SCSI, the same
money will struggle to buy you just the adapter - without a motherboard.

The actual cost to me of an IDE adapter is zero: it comes with the board.
The cost of a SCSI adapter, OTOH, is non-trivial. Even a very cheap one
will double the motherboard+adapter cost - and I haven't seen any that
cheap lately.

Then I need to buy the disk drives. At this point, SCSI goes out of the
window: IDE drives just blow SCSI away on price.


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