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From: Lyle Coder (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 17:34:11 EST

Have you actually tried eepro100 on Alpha? Because I am trying to get
eepro100 to work on my IA64 platform and it fails because in
speedo_start_xmit gets an skb that is at > 4Gb... and the card is only 32
bit, so it fails to send!

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On Thu, Jun 01 2000, Lee Chin wrote:
>I had a quick question: An an Alpha machine running Linux, can I use 32
>devices... like an eepro100 card? The reason I am asking is because in the
>mm/init.c, paging_init sets up memory in the zones DMA and NORMAL. But the
>eepro driver does not use the GFP_DMA mask in its allocs or
>pci_alloc_consistent which means it could be given memory > 4Gb which would
>cause a problem.
>I dont have the nessesary hardware to try it out myself, hence the post to
>the mailing list.

Sure you can (eepro100), but not all drivers are aware of 64bit

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