Re: [PATCH] eepro100 device name <-> pci bus/slot/func mapping

From: Anton Blanchard (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 12:08:54 EST

> The issue why is this not implemented yet is:
> Linus did not like the idea of one struct hwdevice which would be a union of
> struct pci_dev, struct sbus_dev and whatever other buses where the first
> field in all the structs would be bus id.
> The end of that discussion (at least I think) that we'll use struct pci_dev
> and its private fields for sbus device structs and other buses will do the
> same and finally struct pci_dev will be renamed to struct hw_dev or whatever
> (with pci_dev as valid type for backward compatibility).
> The problem is that we have not done this yet...

If this is how we want to do things, I can fix up the sbus side.
Was there any discussion on the interface for accessing this data?


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