Re: (reiserfs) Re: New Linux 2.5 - 2.6 TODO (Alan Cox suggestsdelaying reiserfs integration)

From: Hans Reiser (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 21:23:14 EST

ReiserFS 3.6 which was written for Linux 2.4 is being backported now to Linux
version 2.2 in response to SuSE request.

Proof of existence theorem for possibility of supporting old disk formats:

We could name v4 "reiserv4", have a completely separate source code tree, and
have users mount it by a different FS type name than "reiserfs".

Don't worry though, we expect our object oriented balancing code will simply
support the new formats, and will not convert them to new formats until you tell
it to. (Like we did for 3.6) If users demand it we will backport v4 to 2.4
(they did demand our backporting to 2.2 including backporting 64 bit support
using LFS). We are responsive to users.

ReiserFS is no longer experimental. It works. That means there will always be
an experimental version of it aged in a dark cellar for 18 months and then
brought out at the end for users to enjoy. The days where we hurriedly code in
a disk format change to add some desperately needed feature like 64 bits or
journaling are gone. The project has grown up.


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