Re: RFC Maestro-3i

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 05:25:51 EST


> > Just recently I got a nice HP-OmniBook notebook into my hand,
> > and guess what? There is tons of new hardware components on.
> > In esp the sound/modem card is a Maestro-3i chipset.
> > I don't have any illusions about the modem part of it - very unikely
> > it will ever whor [work?].
> I think when people initially make predictions about winmodem-type
> modems not working, they didn't think much about the momentum of cheap
> PC hardware and open source.. With so many winmodems out there today,
> Linux programmers would inevitably get irked enough to reverse engineer
> the hardware support.

This has already happened. I reverse engineered lucent winmodem; I can
now do v.21 with fully open-source components [I've actually used it
debugging usb]. (Don't get too excited, v.21 is 300bps).


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