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From: Brent Turan (MBTURANTEKIN@ualr.edu)
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 18:58:45 EST


I have been working on this for quite a while now and I am about to get so
frustrated. What I am trying to do may be easy for you but it is enough to
drive me crazy.

I have been trying to set my linux box to be a masquerade server. I tried to
read the doc (howto's and other stuff) on the internet and set it accordingly
but it seems not to work...

I have a Pentium 166 IBM computer. Configured for PPP and LAN. My server's
ip number is and the other two win98 workstations that I have
are .1 and .2. I can ping them, they can ping me. I can make a PPP connection
to my ISP and I can ping my dynamic IP address from the workstations. However,
I cannot browse or ping anyone else on these two workstations.

I am a newbie, so I dont know much about how to compile the kernel.
I am assuming the version of Redhat (6.2 Standart) has already compiled with
IP Masq modules. Thats question number one. Second is, no matter how many times
I edit this ip_forward file (or something similar) to be 1 it defaults to 0
everytime it boots up. Third question is, how to set DNS? am I even supposed to
set it? WHich name server workstations are going to be looking at? Linux or
ISP? Fourth and the last question is how can I found out if I need to compile
my kernel (version 2.2.14-5) I go to /usr/src/ there is no linux directory there
like they say in the docs. Am I supposed to create it?

If anyone had the same problem or know the answers to these questions, it would
help a bunch.....


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