Re: [PATCH][CFT] dcache-ac6-D - dcache threading

Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 12:37:36 EST


> The per bucket locks apparently perform well for outgoing traffic,

No, hash table simply is not used for outgoing traffic,
destinations are cached in socket.

> but they are very bad for incoming traffic because it usually tends
> to hit the same lock. Hmm....

This phenomenon is known more than for year. BTW Andi, it was you who explained
this. 8)

It appeared that this ping-pong lock is washed out in real life
due to "statistical" bucket decoupling, so that there were no reasons
to be bothered about this.

More intersting case is net_rx_action. It has _no_ ping-pongs now,
does almost no work and it is still visible in profiles. It is strange.


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