Re: OS stopping stack buffer overflow exploits

Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 09:10:07 EST

"Peter T. Breuer" <> writes:

> "A month of sundays ago Florian Weimer wrote:"
> > The C and C++ frontends only generate trampolines if you use a GNU
> > extension (nested functions).
> And I have no idea why they should want to: nesting is purely a
> question of namespaces and syntactic scoping. It should impact
> the implementation semantics not at all.

GCC use lexical scoping for nested function, lexical scoping use
trampolines... so it will break...

please refer to the gcc documentation.

 GNU CC implements taking the address of a nested function using a
technique called "trampolines". A paper describing them is available
as `'

		-- Yoann
 It is well known that M$ product don't make a free() after a malloc(),
the unix community wish them good luck for their future developement.

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