[PATCH][CFT] dcache-ac7-J - dcache threading

From: Alexander Viro (viro@math.psu.edu)
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 12:31:15 EST

New stuff:
        * bugs in handling binding of non-directories fixed (opening with
O_CREAT opened the mountpoint instead of the bound file, unlink() and
non-directory rename() happily blew the mountpoints our instead of
returning -EBUSY). These bugs are common with the official tree, fixes
sent to Alan.
        * due to rather nasty attack scenarios and popular demand bind is
root-only for the time being. I think that I know how to make it user-safe
but it will definitely take additional thinking/work.
        * race in d_lookup() fixed.
        * dput() made inline, dcache_lock not taken on the fast path (suggested
 by Ingo).
        * oopsable SMP race in do_proc_acct() fixed (patch sent to Alan).
        * big lock shifted in sys_msync() - not that much, but anyway...

Please, try it. Thing is on ftp.math.psu.edu/pub/viro/dcache-ac7-J.gz.
Unless I'm seroiusly mistaken, big lock ceased to be the main source of
contention (and no, it's not because other sources had grown ;-) Results
of testing with different loads are more than appreciated, indeed.

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