CML0.2.4 is available

From: Eric S. Raymond (
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 04:07:49 EST

Release 0.2.4: Sat Jun 3 05:04:41 EDT 2000
        * André Dahlqvist contributed some fixes for the Search, Load and
          Save commands; they behave better on error now.

        * There is now a built-in event logger in the curses mode. I hope this
          will enable us to catch and kill the out-of-range selection crashes
          that several early testers have reported. If this mode crashes on
          you, please email me the configure.log file it leaves behind.

        * Fixed Urban Widmark's restore-on-pop bug. It's possible this was
          the one causing the crashes...

        * Totally rewrote the logic for forcing values in ancestors and
          descendants. It's cleanly separated from the constraint stuff
          now and works much better.

        * Choices menu defaults are handled differently now. An effect of
          this is that it should no longer be possible to save a
          configuration that fails constraints because no architecture is

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