Re: Loopback (dir->dir) mounting (NOT -o loop)

From: Alexander Viro (
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 01:34:01 EST

On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Andries Brouwer wrote:

> for example like pivot_root. I think a new system call would be cleaner
> than a wart on mount.

Same here.

> In fact I think that the present implementation was a mistake.
> We do not want a bind without privileges and with global effect.
> We want the bind that one user does to affect only his own namespace.
> Only root should be able to affect other people's namespace.

There is no such thing as "user's namespace" - process' one, yes, but
currently we have the all sharing the same namespace.

Yes, we can trivially do them - just add a simple GC for vfsmount
(triggered by mntput()) and add a flag to clone() that will copy the
vfsmount tree and switch your pwd and root to that new tree. We _can_
support namespaces, but if we go for that we will need changes at least in

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