Q. How to solve this problem? (Kernel-Panic)

From: bsdinet (bsdinet@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 19:20:45 EST

Nice to meet you. ^^
I've tried to implement IPsec(AH) in the Linux Kernel.
To achieve this, I think that there must be the area for AH.
So I modified the header file 'include/linux/skbuff.h'
to insert AH structure in 'sk_buff'.

here's that header file modified



/* Transport layer header */
        struct tcphdr *th;
        struct udphdr *uh;
        struct icmphdr *icmph;
        struct igmphdr *igmph;
        struct iphdr *ipiph;
        struct spxhdr *spxh;
        unsigned char *raw;
    } h;

    /* IPsec header */
        struct ipsec_ah *ah; /* AH only now, ESP will be here later... */
    } ipsec_h;

    /* Network layer header */
        struct iphdr *iph;
        struct ipv6hdr *ipv6h;
        struct arphdr *arph;
        struct ipxhdr *ipxh;
        unsigned char *raw;
    } nh;
    /* Link layer header */
        struct ethhdr *ethernet;
        unsigned char *raw;
    } mac;

    struct dst_entry *dst;

    char cb[48];


And include some code in 'net/ipv4/ip_output.c, net/ipv4/ip_input.c'
to process the IPsec AH header.
And then compile the kernel with no warning, no error.

After that works, I reboot the computer and using that new kernel image...
After some system boot-up scripts...
There's critical message from kernel as the following.

RPC: impossible RPC reply size -8!
Kernel panic: skput:over: c8028ab0:0 put:114 dev:eth0
In swapper task - not syncing

What should I do for solving this problem?
Would you mind telling me the solutions?

Thank you for reading this... ^^;;;

Everything is inspiration!

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