Re: tcp/ip over scsi

From: Bear Giles (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 12:58:20 EST

A related concept that I debated implementing, someday, is writing a
device driver that makes a Linux box look like a SCSI disk.

There are two non-trivial uses for this device:

1) it greatly simplifies some types of embedded system development.
   The embedded system is designed to use a SCSI disk, but during
   development the internal disk is replaced with an external host,
   typically a developer's workstation. This totally eliminates
   hassles downloading new files, uploading log files, etc.

2) the same approach can be used for stealth monitoring of extremely
   sensitive systems. An attacker would only see a SCSI hard disk -
   there is absolutely no way to know that this "disk" is actually
   physically located and controlled by another system. The standard
   driver would allow the monitoring system to continually cross-check
   active and reference files. A somewhat more adventurous driver
   could implement a type of data logging - the attacker may think
   he's deleting files, but it monitoring system will retain a complete

Bear Giles

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