Re: tcp/ip over scsi

From: Jesse Pollard (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 05:40:24 EST

On Fri, 02 Jun 2000, david wrote:
>has any one got tcp/ip over scsi working ?
>if not i am going to try it my self
>as i need the bandwidth
>also if any one has any info to help this project please let me know
>as the more help the better

There was an implementation for 2.1.25 (around Feb, 1997) using the Adaptec
controllers. It has not been maintained or supported in the last two years. It
was a project at a university. I have an old reference to one of the devlopers (its' from some of the documentation).

It required some patches to the SCSI module, (to support arp I think), and a
lot of changes to the Adaptec driver. A new SCSI level driver is also provided
to implement the network device.

If you can't reach the developer, I do have a copy of the project (at least
the documentation, and a patch for it - I believe this is the whole thing).

I would like to see it updated for the fiber/SCSI controllers since that would
provide another high speed/volume network for clusters.

Jesse I Pollard, II

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