How to activate NAT in 2.2.1x ?

From: Wolfgang Wegner (
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 04:19:49 EST

Hello there,
just a little question for the networking fraction, i hope:

I want to use NAT with a machine running 2.2.14, but i did not
find a tool to activate or configure the actual translation.
I configured the kernel with
(which i think are the most relevant settings for NAT), and i also
found, which
seems to be the original implementation of NAT for 2.0.xx kernels.
I downloaded ipnatadm, but when trying to compile it there are many
errors leading to the suspicion this is not usable for 2.2.x any
In the documentation of ipmasqadm and ipchains, i did not find any
support for NAT., which seemed to me as an important (and for 2.2.x,
the only?) source for NAT resources, is not available. :-(

So, is there anyone out there who can tell me where to look for the
missing bits?


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