RE: [linux-fbdev] multihead (was Re: VGA and pci_enable_device)

From: Brad Douglas (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 18:58:39 EST

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> From: James Simmons []
> Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2000 1:40 PM
> > That depends completely on the chipset and the manufacturer... Keith
> > Packard's kdrive/s3trio code initializes the S3 Trio such that running
> > VGA BIOS is not necessary (and his code has been tested for such a
> > configuration). I hope to be able to use his code to implement 100%
> > MMIO-only, multi-head S3 trio framebuffer.
> Where is this driver so I can take a peek at it?

This should also be possible with my latest aty128fb code (almost finished).
I've got some cleanup and testing yet to do. I should be done in another
couple days to a week, time permitting.

> > the ability to init a card without VGA BIOS -- because sometimes the
> > card simply won't work at all without such. Or VGA BIOS may not be
> > present, or may be present but unexecuted.
> Another problem is the VGA BIOS are often not multihead
> friendly at all.

Even it was so, it's only an Intel solution (possibly Alpha?).

There was some discussion on fbdev awhile back with the consensus being that
for optimal support, VGA BIOS should be ignored and the card [re]programmed
directly. From what I have been told, manufacturers are generally reluctant
to give out such information.

Brad Douglas

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