[SCARED] ext2 - solved?

From: Sasi Peter (sape@iq.rulez.org)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 16:24:00 EST


Perhaps you remember the [SCARED] thread? Now I think, I have found, what
was the problem with 2.2.15pre14+usb+ide+raid.

After disabling NFS access, which used knfsd, the deleted space does not
free up, and after stopping all samba and knfsd processes, device is still
in use, cannot umount problems vanished!

Using knfsd in 2.2.15 final +usb+raid+ide the problems do exist, and are
the same. Disabling NFS helps with that, too.

USB patch is of no question, I think, and RAID also does nothing else but
blocks on disks, so does IDE, so this inode/free map/file/? problem should
be the same with 2.2.15 without the patches also, I think.

Could some NFS gurus comment on this?

Otherwise I would like to have NFS access, as it seems to stress the
system much less than samba.

Or the ultimate solution is, that I must use some 'third party' knfsd
patches as well? Oh well... :(

-- SaPE

Peter, Sasi <sape@sch.hu>

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