Re: Loopback (dir->dir) mounting (NOT -o loop)

From: James H. Cloos Jr. (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 14:55:52 EST

>>>>> "JC" == "James H. Cloos Jr." <>
>>>>> "AV" == Alexander Viro <> writes:

JC> Any chance of a backport to 2.2? I don't see it in 15 or the pre 16s.

AV> Yeah, if you don't mind couple of months worth of extensive
AV> rewrites in lookup-related code and change of quite a few data
AV> structures. After that the thing becomes a trivial side
AV> effect. IOW, it will be a cold day in hell when such a backport
AV> will happen. Sorry, this puppy is 2.4-only.

Yeah. About what I expected from looking at the pre7 patch.

It was worth the shot, though. ;-/


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