[patch] Bad RAM patch 0.1 for 2.4.x series

From: dLux (dlux@kapu.hu)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 13:33:35 EST

Hello Alan!

  This is a patch that can be used to mark bad memory regions, and
  exlucde them from the allocation. It works on i386 only, and can
  be applied to 2.4.0-test1. It is based on the patch by Rick van
  Rein (he has made it for 2.2).
  Please give it a try and appy it to the "ac" series, and then into
  the mainstream kernel (if possible).

  I hope you get this mail and I hope the patch is high quality
  enogh to make into the standard kernel.

  I am not member of the linux-kernel mailing list, so please answer
  in private also.



                        mailto:dlux@dlux.hu icq:30329785

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