Re: VGA and pci_enable_device (was Re: Linux 2.4.0test1-ac6)

From: James Simmons (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 12:39:34 EST

> That depends completely on the chipset and the manufacturer... Keith
> Packard's kdrive/s3trio code initializes the S3 Trio such that running
> VGA BIOS is not necessary (and his code has been tested for such a
> configuration). I hope to be able to use his code to implement 100%
> MMIO-only, multi-head S3 trio framebuffer.

Where is this driver so I can take a peek at it?

> the ability to init a card without VGA BIOS -- because sometimes the
> card simply won't work at all without such. Or VGA BIOS may not be
> present, or may be present but unexecuted.

Another problem is the VGA BIOS are often not multihead friendly at all.

Q: Why did they deprecate a.out support in linux?
A: Because a nasty coff is bad for your elf.

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