[BUG] in acpi code (2.4.0-test1)

From: Janek Hiis (janek.hiis@cveurope.com)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 12:09:55 EST


on bootup the kernel says the following (asus k7m motherboard):

ACPI: found VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C686 [Apollo Super ACPI] at
ACPI: I/O port allocation failed
apm: BIOS version 1.2 Flags 0x03 (Driver version 1.13)
apm: overridden by ACPI.

And once oopsed:

Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 5a5a5a5a
 printing eip:
*pde = 00000000
Oops: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[remove_proc_entry+59/256]
EFLAGS: 00010246
eax: 00000000 ebx: 00000000 ecx: ffffffff edx: 5a5a5a5a
esi: c881d420 edi: 5a5a5a5a ebp: bffffe30 esp: c0951f68
ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018
Process rmmod (pid: 835, stackpage=c0951000)
Stack: 00000000 c881d420 00000100 5a5a5a5a c8817113 5a5a5a5a c12879c0
       c8814000 c8814000 00000001 c011d41b c8814000 c8812000 00000001
       c8814000 00000001 c0950000 4000a610 bffffea4 bffffe30 c010b100
Call Trace: [lockd:nlmclnt_proc+-274464/6576]
[lockd:nlmclnt_proc+-299821/6576] [lockd:nlmclnt_proc+-309200/6576]
[lockd:nlmclnt_proc+-312384/6576] [free_module+27/160]
       [lockd:nlmclnt_proc+-320576/6576] [sys_delete_module+590/656]
[lockd:nlmclnt_proc+-312384/6576] [system_call+52/56]
Code: f2 ae f7 d1 49 89 cb 8b 74 24 18 8b 44 24 18 83 c6 30 83 78

Is this a known bug or ... ???

Janek Hiis

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