Adaptec Raid Drivers and Kernel Panic

From: Boerner, Brian (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 11:53:51 EST

I'm working on preparing a raid driver for eventual submission to open
source. I'm currently running into a problem that results in a kernel panic.
Since these drivers have not yet been released and business issues are still
being worked out, I can not comment a great deal about the inner workings.
However, that doesn't prevent me from asking for assistance from you folks.

Our QA folks have recently uncovered that performing several operations to
the containers in rapid succession results in a kernel panic. The panic
string is:

Kernel panic: CPU 0 trying to acquire lock again: lock count = -1

Then the system rebooted. No other messages were reported. I have read and
followed the instructions in oops-tracing.txt and have read a number of
other documents in the Documentation directory.

Does anyone have any suggestions for debugging with as little information as
the above message.

I've noticed that crash dumps are not part of the standard distribution and
it looks like there may be a patch available from Does anyone
have any experience with these patches?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I would be happy to answer any questions.


Brian M. Boerner
System Software Developer
Adaptec, Inc.
Nashua, NH 03060
(603) 579-4625

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