Re: 2.2.15 Random Lockups

From: Christoph Barbian (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 11:29:34 EST

On Wed, 31 May 2000, Roeland Th. Jansen wrote:

> > The other failure mode is the machine will stop responding, you can't
> > telnet/rlogin/ssh in, Apache won't response, etc. But whatever you type at the
> > console is echoed and you can still switch virtual consoles. However, if you
> > switch consoles and get a new login prompt and type a password, the password
> > prompt never appears. You can continue to switch consoles and type things and
> > see it echo but the machine continues not to respond. Control-Alt-Delete also
> > does not work, but in this failure mode L1-A does work.
> >
> > Neither failure mode produces any console messages, no OOPS, no spin_lock
> > deadlock errors, NADA, which needless to say doesn't make troubleshooting easy.
> the 2nd one is also observed by me with 2.2.15 and x86 SMP.
> I just started Linux grobbebol 2.2.16pre7 #1 SMP Wed May 31 16:37:31 GMT
> 2000 i686 unknown in order to see if this fixes things.

I had something similar here on a quad xeon (2GB) running 2.2.15 SMP...
I was still able to ping the machine, but it didn't answer any telnet or
ftp requests.
However I could switch virtual consoles but no inputs were echoed...
No oops or any other message...

Could this happen when the machine runs out of memory (there were some
big processes running) ???

  C. Barbian

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