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From: Jesse Pollard (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 10:41:30 EST

"Sharon Valerie" <>:
> Hi all,
> I am very new to linux and extremely new to this mailing list.
> I have a redhat linux 6.2 serverbox which is configured currently with a
> debian slackware 2.2.12 kernel. This particular kernel version has been
> well documented to be unstable with the software that I am running and I
> have experienced severe application freezes lasting from 10-15 minutes at a
> time.
> Kernel version 2.2.10 is said to be stable with the application. I would
> like to downgrade the current kernel to the aforementioned. Is this
> possible? What are the risks involved? How would one go about the
> downgrading procedure? And what is the estimated time taken to conduct this
> procedure?

There should be no problem at all. This is how people perform testing on
various release versions:

1. get the sources (usually in /usr/src).
   You normally would want to keep the current version - /usr/src/linux would
   be/is a symbolic link to a directory containing the version.

   To keep the current version you can delete the symbolic link, create a
   directory for the new version and create a new symbolic link pointing to
   the new directory.

2. untar the source. These tar files normally include the "linux" directory as
   the base, so they will go into the directory pointed to by the symbolic
   link. (your current directory is /usr/src)

3. copy the .config file from the previous system (it should be in the base
   directory of the source tree)

4. make mrproper - this will propagate the configuration (minor releases don't
   usually change enough to create errors from this - when that happens it is
   because a driver was added to the higher versiond distribution). You can
   also step through the configuration phase with "make menuconfig" and look
   at the choices available/already made. This lets you read the help text
   associated with the options too.

5. Now just build the system as you would have for the current system.

Jesse I Pollard, II

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