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From: William Stearns (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 08:34:11 EST

Good morning, Sharon,

On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Sharon Valerie wrote:

> I am very new to linux and extremely new to this mailing list.

        Just for reference, this list is primary used for kernel
development. One marvelous resource I'd suggest is the #kernelnewbies
channel on ; some very knowledgeable people hang out
there and are very willing to answer questions.

> I have a redhat linux 6.2 serverbox which is configured currently with a
> debian slackware 2.2.12 kernel. This particular kernel version has been
> well documented to be unstable with the software that I am running and I
> have experienced severe application freezes lasting from 10-15 minutes at a
> time.
> Kernel version 2.2.10 is said to be stable with the application. I would
> like to downgrade the current kernel to the aforementioned. Is this

        Certainly. It's generally possible to install newer or older
kernels on your system. At boot time, you can pick which kernel to use at
the LILO prompt ("man lilo.conf" for more info).

> possible? What are the risks involved? How would one go about the

        Generally no risk at all; the standard procedure is to keep your
current kernel on the system in case something goes wrong, so you can
always go back to it.

> downgrading procedure? And what is the estimated time taken to conduct this
> procedure?

(as root, this only needs to be done once)
rpm -Uvh
(as root)
buildkernel 2.2.10

        The buildkernel script will download the source (up to an hour on
a modem line) and walk you through the rest of the build process. The
entire build can take 3 or 4 hours on a slower system, but you can do
other things while it's going. Buildkernel will beep when it needs
        While the script handles all the things in the Kernel-HOWTO (see, you can always refer back to that document to
see why buildkernel is doing something.
        If you later decide to try _up_grading to a newer kernel, you can

buildkernel 2.2.15

> I sincerely appreciate any help given on this matter,

        You're quite welcome. Feel free to use the #kernelnewbies channel
for kernel questions or contact me privately for buildkernel questions.
        - Bill

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