Re: 2.2.16pre7: Getting rid of some warnings

From: Alan Modra (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 02:06:02 EST

On Wed, 31 May 2000, Horst von Brand wrote:

> I'm running binutils-, which complains all over the place about
> stuff like:
> {standard input}:1890: Warning: using `%eax' instead of `%ax' due to `l' suffix

Yeah, it's fussy. H.J.'s next binutils will allow `-q' to be passed to
gas to shut it up. Old binutils will just silently ignore the `-q', so if
someone want to tweak the 2.2 Makefiles...

> I remember there was an issue about non-optimal code from older binutils.
> Are the required binutils- new enough to fix this now or do we
> still have to wait? is too old. The bug was fixed Mar 30 1998, ie. somewhere
near the first 2.9.1

> There are a lot of complaints in arch/i386/kernel/bios.c like:
> {standard input}:1112: Warning: indirect lcall without `*'
> Again, an old vs. new binutils issue, or should this be fixed?

Probably ought to be fixed, although ISTR certain of H.J.'s 2.9.1 series
choked if the `*' was added.

> What was the fix again for:
> {standard input}:15: Warning: Ignoring changed section attributes for .modinfo
> which I'm getting for most all modules?

This is a symtom of incorrect __init and __initdata usage. Compile with
-S to find out where.

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