Re: Announcing CML2, a replacement for the kbuild system

From: Eric S. Raymond (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 23:23:08 EST

Jeff Garzik <>:
> "Eric S. Raymond" wrote:
> > Yes. The existing CML2 code does this automatically. If you say
> >
> > cmlconfigure -DARM
> >
> > options for X86, SPARC, etc won't even be queried for. CML2 freezes
> > the other architecture symbols at N and uses a little theorem prover
> > to deduces from those what questions should not be asked.
> hmmm, this is completely different from the current system. The current
> system "knows" what architecture you are configuring. Users shouldn't
> have to specify a -D to get this behavior..

There's no magic there. The current system only knows because the
Makefile sets an ARCH symbol to one of the following:

alpha i386 m68k mips64 s390 sparc arm ia64 mips ppc sh sparc64

The Makefile then uses that to generate the name of the top-level config file
So this is not "completely different"; the only question is how and where to
do the following mapping:

alpha -DALPHA
i386 -DX86
m68k -DM68K
mips64 -DMIPS64
s390 -DS390
sparc -DSPARC32
arm -DARM
ia64 -DIA64
mips -DMIPS32
ppc -DPPC
sparc64 -DSPARC64

The following line does it...

PREDEF := -D$(shell uname -m | sed \
        -e s/i.86/x86/ \
        -e s/sun4u/sparc64/ \
        -e s/arm.*/arm/ \
        -e s/sa110/arm/ \
        -e s/sparc$$/sparc64/ \
        -e s/mips$$/mips64/ \
        -e s/sh$$/superh64/ \
        | tr "[a-z]" "[A-Z]")

> P.S. Can you package cml to extract into something other than the
> current directory? ie. extract the tarball into cml-x.y.z/*

Gak! I just violated my own practice guidelines! :-)

I'll fix.

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