Re: Slow development cycle

From: Brian Gerst (
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 18:44:08 EST

"Kenneth C. Arnold" wrote:
> btw, do a grep of the source tree for LINUX_VERSION_CODE. The 2.2 checks are
> explainable, but I see in that very driver:
> #if LINUX_VERSION_CODE >= LinuxVersionCode(2,3,17)
> #include <linux/spinlock.h>
> #elif LINUX_VERSION_CODE >= LinuxVersionCode(2,1,93)
> #include <asm/spinlock.h>
> #endif
> Why keep that? Should this get cleaned up? And also there are several ways
> used to check the versions -- LinuxKernelVersion(x,y,z),
> Linux_Kernel_Version(x,y,z), and the straight numbers in some cases,
> to name a few. Clean these up? Okay, I'll work on it.

I already have patches for this. I have just been waiting for 2.5
before submitting them.


Brian Gerst

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