Re: unix socket & fcntl => kernel oops ?

From: Khimenko Victor (
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 04:46:01 EST

In <> Horst von Brand ( wrote:
> "Khimenko Victor" <> said:
>> I tried postgresql 7.0 and found that I can not even start the beast :-(
>> After some investigation I found that it found that I have F_SETLK (test
>> was broken for ages but somehow managed to succeed on my system) and then
>> created non-working program :-( I created simple program to test (see
>> attachment) and it produces kernel oops as well... All with 2.2.15pre9
>> (I can supply more information if needed). Is it known issue ? Is it fixed
>> in 2.3.x ? Is it fixed in 2.2.15/2.2.16preX ?

> Still Oopses here (i686, 2.2.16pre4)

So it's not just me. Is it known issue ? Even if locking on unix sockets is
not supported (why?) kernel oops and segmentation fault does not look like
right rection to me :-/

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