bforget ignores BH_Protected?

From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 03:46:21 EST

        It appears that bforget will lose the contents of a buffer
even if the buffer's contents are protected with the BH_Protected
flag. I am trying to understand if that is a bug in bforget, or
if it is a bug in cramfs that it calls bforget, causing destruction
of data when run on a ramdisk. Fixing either behavior is a small
patch. I would appreciate some advice on which component is at fault,
and I will be happy to generate the appropriate patch.

        By the way, since the initial ramdisk's block size is 1024
and cramfs uses a block size of 4096, and set_blocksize destroys the
entire contents of the ramdisk if you change its block size, I have
also written a patch to fix this, which I will post with the cramfs/bforget

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