Re: [KBUILD] Re: Announcing CML2, a replacement for the kbuild system

From: Riley Williams (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 08:22:30 EST

Hi Rogier.

>>> I agree; why CAN'T we configure the linux kernel more like
>>> we do the BSD ones? Their code and schema is very elegant
>>> and simple.

>> The BSD setup is not end user friendly. There is actually
>> only one fundamental end user problem with our current
>> setup. When a user says 'I want XYZ' it should turn on
>> everything needed to get XYZ.

>> If I hit my capture card option it should turn on i2c,
>> video4linux,procfs, etc

> Which either means that the user doesn't ever see the
> option to turn on i2c, video4linux, procfs, and that
> behind the scenes those files are compiled and linked
> appropriately.

> Or, the options automatically turn on once you hit the
> capture card option.

More likely, "if something is selected that requires these
options to be set a certain way, force them to that, else
ask the user anyway".

Best wishes from Riley.

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