[bug] pcmcia is worsening

From: David Ford (david@kalifornia.com)
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 14:28:33 EST

sigh, more pcmcia.

pcmcia operability is even less now.

* IOAPIC now can NOT be enabled in the kernel or the machine won't find
the card. it used to find it most of the time a few kerns back and find
it all the time a few kerns before that.
* (side note: if IOAPIC is enabled, the kernel now hangs right after
printing the maestro stuff, 'tis a hard hang that magic key can't fix)
* only my second card slot works now, if i put my card in #1, the kernel
hangs at the same place as if IOAPIC were enabled, at the end of maestro
* the aviator card (ray_cs driver) will stop functioning until reboot if
you let the laptop enter suspend state (ACPI+S1, no APM), attempts to
address it result in ioctl() busy. forced removal and insertion
followed by interface down/up/config results in an OOPS.

these above issues are with all of the last half dozen kernels. there
are several more pcmcia issues that have been outstanding for a while
and discussed for a while but still remain :(

i will provide new pirq_dump tables and boot dmesg to whomever wants.
"whomever", please step forward and assist.


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