Re: [KBUILD] Re: Announcing CML2, a replacement for the kbuild system

From: Brian Gerst (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 21:44:44 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
> > only partially applied. Advansys.c was the part that wasn't applied. I
> > can shave off almost 100k from it by dropping stuff for earlier that
> > 2.2.x.
> Advansys maintain the driver as a single common module. Last I heard they
> wanted it left like it is, and since they do the maintaining who are we
> to bitch 8)

With all the junk still from kernels as ancient as 1.2.x? Ugh. That
driver is the single largest C file in the kernel, weighing in at 687k.
If they feel they need to maintain the drivers for kernels that old then
the source is still available in the old kernel's tarball. There comes
a point when we can't continue to carry this cruft forward anymore.


Brian Gerst

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