Re: Memory on boot via int 0x15

From: david parsons (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 22:49:20 EST

In article <>,
Richard B. Johnson <> wrote:
>Does anybody really know what BIOS function 0xe801, interrupt
>0x15 is supposed to return? I mean, by specification, not conjecture.
>None of my BIOS books show a spec for this function number.

     Two chunks of memory, one containing the chunk from 1mb to 16mb,
     the other containing the chunk from 16mb to 4gb.

     At least that's what it's SUPPOSED to return. Some newer bioses
     return random garbage (that's what made me do the e820 patch -- a
     FIC 601 had one of these bioses and so I had to go back and start
     doing mem= on about 5 boxes.)

     I've got patches for 2.2 that correct this, though there's one
     machine in California that dumps core on this code (and I suspect
     I know why, but I don't have one of those motherboards :-(

     The offending patch is at

    david parsons \bi/ The fancy memory patch does a bunch of other massaging,
                   \/ too, but that's not what makes the universe die.

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