Re: 2.4-test1-ac time

From: Billy Harvey (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 18:24:23 EST

> Ah, I forgot, I booted MSucks to switch my serial port from RS232 to IR
> on a ThinkPad, and it screws the clock. Someday maybe IBM will make good
> their promise to support Linux and provide the ThinkPad utilities in
> GPL.
> Thanks, Garst


I also am forced to use my M$FT partition on rare occassions. I've
set the clock under that os to GMT (i.e. an offset of zero) as it is
under Linux, and so don't get it trying to update itself without
asking when I boot into Losedows. I just have to remember that the
time is in GMT when I glance at it.


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