Re: [PATCH] 5 year old bug in main.c (initrd). Can this please be fixed?

From: Adam J. Richter (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 09:28:52 EST

        Werner Almesberger's support for unmounting the previous rooot
partition is useful in a much broader variety of situations, and
makes much less generally useful /linuxrc support unnecessary.

        In our initial ramdisk images, we do not use /linuxrc.
Instead, the ramdisks's executable is named /sbin/init, and it
does, essentially:

        mount /dev/<the-real-root-device> /root
        cd /root
        exec ./usr/sbin/chroot . ./sbin/init

        Later, when the system is running from the real root, it
does "umount /dev/rd/0".

        The less general /linuxrc code complicates the kernel by having
a context where user level programs may be running but not everything in
the kernel is initialized, and just adds special case code to the
kernel. I think Werner's unmount-old-root support should be part of
the standard kernel, and the /linuxrc hack should be removed.

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