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Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 17:47:51 EST

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By author: Arne Thomassen <arneth@Pool.Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE>
In newsgroup:
> In fact, it was Tigran Aivazian who already mentioned 2.4.0-test1 (e.g.
> some hours ago - even without a "spoiler" warning... ;-)
> Now the poor people to fix their scripts again. "finger
>" still gives:
> The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is: 2.2.15
> The latest beta version of the Linux kernel is: 2.3.99-pre9
> The latest prepatch (alpha) version *appears* to be: 2.3.99/10-3
> Wasn't it bad enough to see 2.3.99pre9-pre5? Now we'll get
> 2.4.0-test2-pre1-pre4! :-) How about the idea (someone mentioned) to
> release a 2.3.99 and then open a 2.3.100 tree? "2.4.0-test1" may look like
> a marketing gag, and reading lkml makes me believe 2.4.0-final is still
> some (a few) months away.

2.4.0-test1 is really 2.3.99-pre10.3.

But yes, it causes us some serious pain every time the naming scheme changes.


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